Flexible Companies That Understand You Need Freedom

Let’s take a quick poll: Would you rather have unlimited time off, work from wherever policies, and no set office hours or be expected to be at the office at 9 AM sharp every morning and sit tight at your desk all day?

I’m going to take a wild guess and say that most of you chose the first option, with a dreamy, wouldn’t-that-be-nice sigh.

But at many companies, those sorts of flexible work policies aren’t just an as-if dream—they’re an integrated part of the company culture. These employers understand that you’re a human being who has your own work preferences and your own life outside of the office that sometimes needs a little extra attention, and they give you the ability to do your work in the way that works best for your life.

So without further ado, check out 10 companies with amazing flex work options. (Oh, and they’re all looking for talented people—like you!—to join their teams.)


1. CaseNEX

CaseNEX, a leader in the EdTech field, supports out-of-the-box thinking and creative solutions. So naturally, the company offers its employees lots of freedom in choosing how they get things done.

There are two offices (both in Pennsylvania), but CaseNEX team members work remotely from around the nation.

“There is a vibrancy and a ‘can do’ attitude that defines us as a company, and this is at the heart of our success,” says Mercedes Cordero, PhD, Vice President of Professional Development.


2. LivingSocial

Working at LivingSocial, an online marketplace offering local deals, means being employed by people who truly care about your well-being.

That translates into multiple work style choices. The team can work flexible hours in the office and take opportunities to work from home, all while staying connected to team members and the company.

For example, Engineering Director Jessie Link has always appreciated the ability to travel, and LivingSocial’s paid time off and remote working policies allow her to control her own destiny—and vacations. In her favorite example of this, she went to Hawaii for a couple weeks while simultaneously managing her team and their projects.